How to cancel license plates

Are you selling your vehicle? Or just going to stop using it? Then you need to know how to cancel license plates. Your license plates confirm the verification of your car and helps to identify you as the owner of your car. 

It is an obligation in California to renew your car registration every year. But if you are not going to use your car this year, you should know how to cancel license plates. 

Once you cancel your plates and registration, you are protected.  From what? From parking tickets and even civil litigation that the new owner can have with your car.


How to cancel a license plate online

By law, you need to notify your department of motor vehicles within 5 days after you sell or transfer your vehicle. When selling or transferring your car to someone else, you can do a
notice of transfer and release of liability (NRL)

There are many ways you can fill your notice of transfer and release of liability. You can go to your states Department of Motor Vehicles. Or you can cancel your registration online. 

Now is easier than even to cancel your vehicle registration, or at least it should be. You just need to fill a form. But sometimes the DMV office have a slow service and this can take you more time. 

If the information in your form is correct, then you will receive a confirmation from the DMV. We recommend that you keep this confirmation in case you need it in the future. 

In No DMV Lines we can do the release of liability for you. Our years of experience allow us to help you solve all your doubts and questions about this process. If you need some help with this process, please contact us.


Information to fill your NRL

Description of your vehicle.
It is necessary to submit information such as your vehicle make and model, license plate and identification number (VIN).

News owner information.
You need to introduce your buyers name and address. It is a good idea to ask them for a valid ID, just to verify the information is accurate. 

Your information.
You also need to write your name and address. 

Price and date of sale
. In this section, you need to put the price you’re selling your car. If it’s a gift, you just put 0. 

Odometer reading.
Also, the vehicle mileage at sale date is needed. 


Can I cancel license Plates Temporarily?

If you are going to keep your car inside your property, but you’re not going to drive it? Then you need to do a planned non operation (PNO). You want to change your vehicle status before your vehicle registration expiration date. 

You can also
fill a form on internet with your vehicle’s information:

  • License plates 

  • Last 5 numbers of your VIN

Charges may vary by state, but in California, a planned non-operation has a $22 dollar fee you must pay. You also have to make sure the registration of your vehicle has your current address before filing a PNO. 


You may have extra charges if you file the planned non operation days after your registration expiration date. Furthermore, you have up to 90 days after your vehicle’s registration expiration date. 

In this vehicle status, your car must not be operating or parked in a public place. Otherwise, you will receive penalties and fees for the full-year registration. 

What if you need to move your car? You can get a one-day permit to move your vehicle. But if you need to use it on a regular basis, then you have to pay for your registration renewal. 

Your registration expiration date will remain the same. Every year, you will receive an annual non-operated vehicle notice in case you want to register your car again.  

What happens if I don’t cancel my registration

You can take many risks when you sell or transfer your car without a notice of transfer and release of liability. One of the things that can happen is that the new owner got parking tickets that you will need to pay. 

But it can get way worst, the new owner can even get in a hit-and-run accident. With the car still on your name, you are responsible for the law sues and to pay all the damages caused. 

Of course, they can seem an overdone scenario, but there are many stories like that in real life. Do you want to avoid wasting time and money dealing with other peoples problems? Then cancel your license plates before selling your car. 


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