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Frequently Asked Quetions

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Por supuesto, nuestro equipo es 100% bilingüe.

Do I need a smog? And what kind of smog do I need?

In the state of California it is mandatory to smog your vehicle for name transfers. Usually it will be the regular smog check. However, your vehicle might be required to do the smog at a star station. To be certain which one you must do we recommend is to check with us to make sure of which smog will you be required to do. For renewals, the smog is required every two years in the state of California.

Do you do California ID/license?

Unfortunately in our offices we do not process California IDs or driver’s license. However, we can help you make an appointment to make your visit to the DMV easier.

Is this legit?

Yes, our business is legitimate. We are licensed to do DMV services by the state of California OL License Number#89345

How can I put a vehicle under my name?

To put a vehicle under your name you must smog the vehicle and you will need the pink slip. In some cases the previous owner will misplace/ lose their pink slip. That is no problem with a duplicate form and a bill of sale you will be able to transfer the vehicle. If you need these forms or more guidance please feel free to ask us, we will provide the forms for free.

Do you do VIN verifications?

Yes, we do VIN verifications, we are licensed to verify the VIN number. You must bring your vehicle to one of the offices, and we are able to do your Vin verification. Unless DMV is requiring you to do a CHP (highway patrol) verification we will not be able to do that type here in our office, however we will be able to guide you to your nearest highway patrol. 

I received a suspension letter. What do I do?

If you have received a suspension letter, we are able to lift those suspensions. Usually the reason DMV suspends your registration is for lack of insurance. To lift that suspension you must have proof of insurance. If you have not gotten insurance yet we do provide insurance services that can help you protect yourself, car, home etc. 

How fast does the DMV receive data and payment?

The moment we hand you your registration, your payment has been made and DMV has received the both payment and data. 

I lost my plate can I get one from you?

Yes if you have lost a plate or if your plates have been stolen you are able to get them replaced by us. We issue you new plates along with a new month and year sticker as well with a new registration indicating that your car has been assigned a new plate number. 

I lost my registration card, can you replace it?

Yes we can give you a duplicate of your registration from us. We also do duplicates of plate and sticker. We also give the month sticker which is free. 

Do your sticker and plates come from the DMV?

Yes our stickers and plates come directly from DMV, so they are legitimate.

My car is from out of state, can I register to CA?

Yes you can register a vehicle from another state to CA. You will need to surrender the title from the state you are bringing it from and you must smog it as well. You will need a VIN verification that we do here in our office. 

How long does it take for my title to arrive after my visit?

The average time frame for the delivery of your new pink slip after your visit with us is one to four weeks. 

How can I register a classic car? How do I get classic plates?

To register a classic car you would have to bring in the paperwork that you have on the vehicle. 

Do register water vessels?

Yes we register water vessel; we issue you a new registration with the stickers you need to use the vessel.

I have a salvage title how do I revive it?

To revive a Salvage you must have the title whether it is the regular pink slip or the salvage title which is yellow you must do brake and lights inspection, Smog check, and CHP (highway patrol) VIN verification. In some cases if it is a truck you must weight it. 

Need renewal registration/DMV sticker but don’t have insurance?

-Have no insurance no problem we can issue you a very beneficial insurance here for you or we can post the fees so your renewal fees won’t go up. 

I lost my title, how can I get a new one?

-if you have misplaced your title and can no longer find it, you may request a duplicate with a duplicate form. We process those in all our offices, once it is processed we will give you a new registration and you’ll receive a new pink slip through the mail one to three weeks. 

New hybrid and diesel smog?

There was a law established in 2017 in the state of California Hybrids and Diesels 1997 and older must have a smog check done when doing name transfers. They will also have to smog every two years to renewal their registration.