How can you do car sticker renewal online?


Just as every year, you got your registration renewal notice and need to pay your car sticker renewal before you get charged by the days you missed. But paying extra fees is not the worst that can happen to you. You can get pulled by a police officer and even get your car impounded for driving with expired tags. 

Renew your Vehicle's registration online

And it gets worst if you are driving without a car insurance. If you don’t have a valid auto insurance, get a free quote with us. There’s no reason to pay more or get yourself into troubles. 


Even though renew your vehicle registration is an easy process, it is really common to forget doing it. Sometimes you do not have the time to do lines in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get your car sticker renewal. 

Ways to pay your car sticker renewal with the DMV

You can go to the DMV office if you don’t mind wasting time and dealing with long faces. But the DMV also have many ways to get your car sticker renewal. Those have cons and disadvantages as well, and you need to consider which method is best for you. 


DMV Kioks. You can pay your car sticker renewal in a DMV Kiosk if there is one near you. However, you will not be able to change your address or renew certain types of vehicles. Also, if you need to show a proof of insurance, you cannot do it in a DMV Kiosk. 

Online. Another option is to renew your registration online with the DMV. But only if the DMV already has your smog certificate and proof or car insurance. Otherwise, the DMV online option is not for you. 


If you choose this to pay your DMV car registration sticker renewal, you need to wait up to two weeks to get your car sticker. 

Mail. By mail is another way to renew your registration, but is the least you want to try. It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your tags. You take the risk to pay your fees and still not get your check cleared after weeks. 


Fastest way to pay your renewal registration online

The fastest way to pay your DMV car sticker renewal is with a DMV authorized supplier. They will charge you a small amount for their services, but is completely worth it. 

Aseguranza de Auto, as a DMV authorized supplier, just release a new function on their web page where you can pay your car sticker renewal online. It doesn’t matter if you want to change your address, you can do it quickly in the same form. 

What if this year you need to get a smog certification for your vehicle? Aseguranza de Auto can give permission for you to get your smog testing in case your plates have expired. 


Why should you pay your car sticker renewal online with Aseguranza de Auto?

Customer service. Their costumer service is patient and efficient. You won’t have to deal anymore with the slow and bad humoring personal from the DMV to get your car sticker renewal.


Follow up. They will always assist you to get your stickers as fast as possible. No DMV Lines will notify you if you need to do any smog testing and will also give you one-day permission to drive with expired plates if needed.


Shipping. It doesn’t matter where you are in the U.S. you can receive your car sticker from 3 to 5 days or even the next day if you need. That’s way faster than the DMV shipping time. 

Free sticker replacement. If you lost or someone stole your sticker, you need to fill an application and pay a fee to the DMV  to get a replacement. But not with No DMV Lines! You have a whole year to request a sticker replacement, totally free of charge. 


What do you need to pay your registration online
 Getting your car sticker renewal with No DMV Lines is really easy, you’ll just need to fill a form with some information.

  • License plate number

  • Last 3 digits of your Vehicle Identification number VIN 

  • Personal information such as name, email, phone number and an address. 

Then, you’ll see the amount you need to pay for your car sticker renewal. You can choose from different shipping methods and finally submit your payment method. They will send you by email your payment confirmation and keep in touch with you if any other information is needed

How will you get your car sticker? You will receive a tracking number by email, and you just need to wait for them to arrive. 

No DMV Lines cannot make it easier for you. Is your plate’s expiration date close? Avoid any issue and get your registration renewal before your registration expires.