How is it cheaper to get car insurance online?

Having auto insurance is a spending you cannot avoid. Good news is that you can find ways to save money on your insurance, one of them is getting your car insurance online. But, is it cheaper to get car insurance online? 

Choosing auto insurance companies online 

Do you still wonder if is it cheaper to get car insurance online? Keep reading because you will learn how to save money on your car insurance.

When you buy car insurance online, you can save a lot of time, starting with the fact that comparing car insurance quotes online is easier than ever! Before requesting auto insurance quotes online, it should be clear what you are going to compare. 

Comparing car insurance quotes

First, you should know what you are going to compare, it is essential to have clear what are your needs and understand how auto policies work.

Auto insurance coverage limits

Your auto insurance must cover at least the minimum liability insurance requirements for your state. In California, the minimum requirements are:

$15,000 for injury to one person.
$30,000 total for all injuries to more than one person.

$5,000 for damage to property.

Our advice is to never stay with the minimum requirements, usually the damages of car accidents result in higher amounts. You would rather be prepared and choose a liability coverage as high as possible.

Coverage options

Now that you know how much your liability coverage should be, you must decide if your car will need full coverage. How does full coverage work?

Collision insurance. You can choose to add collision coverage to cover any damage to your car from a car accident you caused or if you hit a fence. 

Comprehensive insurance. It will cover the damages of your car when it’s from weather, fire, floods, civil disturbances, or crashes with animals. Some insurances can cover if the car were stolen.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Offers compensation for medical bills for you and you passengers as well as lost wages.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage. If the accident is caused by a driver without car insurance, this coverage will cover your damages. Some insurances can also cover a hit-and-run but not all of them.

Glass Coverage. If you want a no deductible glass coverage, some insurances have supplemental glass coverage for windshield damage. With this coverage, you won’t have to pay a deductible when you need to repair a windshield.

Best way to compare insurance companies offer

If you have already defined your auto insurance needs, you can begin to compare quotes. To choose the best we need to be fair. When you start getting quotes, make sure to have the same parameters with insurance companies, such as: 

  • Same type and amount of coverage

  • If getting collision or comprehensive coverage compare with the same deductibles 

  • Must be the same car and driver

Auto insurance discounts 

You can also look for discounts, not all auto insurance companies have the same type of discounts, so looking for the auto insurance with the best discounts available for you can be a good option. Some of the discounts you can found are;

  • Low mileage. Some companies offer discounts for drivers who keep a low mileage per year, others offer the option of pay-per-mile.
  • Loyalty discount. You can ask what you’ll require to have a loyalty discount if they offer this option. It’s always good to know if you will receive an extra benefit if you decide to stick with them for a while.
  • Multi Policy discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounts if you make a bundle, maybe by insuring many vehicles or if you have your house insurance in the same company.
  • No-claim bonus. Being a good driver can also bring you good discounts. Maintaining a clean driving record is rewarded by many insurance companies. Other companies may require you to enroll in a tracking program in order to get your good driver discount. 
  • Defensive driving. Insurance companies often offer discounts to drivers that complete some driver trainings. 

What else can affect the price of my auto insurance online?

There are some factors that can lower or raise the price of your auto insurance and some of them are out of your control. 

Your location. Auto insurance prices change state by state but also can change based on your neighborhood. If you live in a place with high crime rates you may be spending more on your insurance.

Your car year and model. Your car insurance will consider your vehicle make and model to determine the cost of your vehicle as well for repairs. They also made tons of research to recognise vehicle models that are more likely to have accidents and thefts. All this will be implicit on your policy price.   

Driving record. If you already had an accident or a DUI in your driving record you can be sure that prices will rise. Getting a DUI may affect the price of your policy for the next 3 to 10 years.

Age. Auto insurance for teens is usually more expensive than it is for young adults. In general, the more experience you have driving, the cheaper your auto insurance will get.  

Credit history. In some states, drivers with a poor credit can end up paying more than the ones with a good credit score. If you live in California you don’t have to worry because credit-based pricing is banned there as well as in Hawaii, Massachusetts and Michigan.

Even though it is cheaper to get car insurance online, we know getting quotes online can be overwhelming too. With No DMV Lines you can easily get a quote for your auto insurance, you can trust that you will get a personalized service and the best prices based on your needs. 

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