registration suspended

Did you get a letter? Notice Intent To Suspend – Vehicle Registration Suspended.

What does it mean when your vehicle’s registration suspended?

The suspension of one’s vehicle registration implies that the state has fundamentally taken away the said driver’s right to put the motor vehicle on the road until the registration is no longer suspended, but once again valid under the state. The state of California requires ALL drivers to register their vehicles and have at least the minimum auto insurance needed in order to obtain their license plates and drive legally. If the vehicle registration got a suspension, one would have to pay the fees in order to once again drive in a legal manner.

You have to pay some fees

For instance, if the Department of Motor Vehicles, does not receive the proof of Auto Insurance, a suspension for that vehicle will be in place, and a notice goes in the mail out to the owner. Furthermore, informing them that in order to have their vehicle registration cleared, they must pay a $14 fee for the reinstatement of the auto insurance.

Get insurance for your registration suspended

If one has a suspended vehicle registration, that vehicle can’t be on the road. Although one is able to register the vehicle. The penalty for driving with a suspended registration varies between states. However, many times, the risk of losing ones driver’s license is quite high. Auto Insurance is a huge importance when registering ones vehicle. For instance, one must have auto insurance before registering to validate the auto insurance coverage. Any person driving in the state of California will have their vehicle registration suspended. That is if they do not have auto insurance coverage. The cost of not getting auto insurance is a enormous risk in comparison to the fees of auto insurance.

Let us take care of you

Many people try to avoid the cost of auto insurance by avoiding the inevitable purchase. The longer that one drives without auto insurance, they run the risk of encountering a financial burden. A financial burden greater than the one that was first in place for them. To show your proof of insurance to avoid getting a vehicle suspension because of the lack of auto insurance. Therefore, one can provide proof of auto insurance to the DMV, when you have a register of the vehicle. Another method to provide proof of auto insurance is that one must register their vehicle within a distinct time period.

Get your vehicle registration active again with us.