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Vehicle and License records

Need a Vehicle Record or a License Record (MVR)?

Don’t worry! We can process and deliver your report quicker than the DMV, who usually have dozens of long lines! Just give us a call, or come to one of our locations and we will help you with the process!

Why are Driving Reports and MVRs often needed?

  • Verify that an individual’s information is correct.
  • Determine car insurance rates.
  • Monitor identity theft.
  • To submit to an employer.
  • To submit to courts.

What documents do I need when filing for a Vehicle/Driver Report?

  • License Plate #.
  • VIN #.
  • License Number and Last Name (For Driver Records)

What does a Vehicle Record / License Record Contain?

  • Driving history information (Driving Record)
  • Status of driver’s license (valid, suspended, or canceled).
  • Traffic accidents. (In both cases)
  • Driving record points. (Driving Records)
  • Traffic law violations, convictions, fee.

The Driving Records that No DMV Lines can offer you, will go up to 3 years of your driving history. If you need a record that has more years back, you will need an H6. Although, we can help you with some procedures, you will need to request this record directly to the DMV

The vehicle records we can offer you contain all the history of the vehicle. It is very important you get one of these when you are thinking of buying a vehicle. Make sure you get the VIN number of the vehicle located on the lower windshield side of the driver. With that number, you can see if the vehicle legally belongs to the person who is selling it to you. Not only that, but you can see if the vehicle owes fees or has any type of theft reports.