Trailer Registration

What is a trailer PTI? Under the PTI program, most trailers get a PTI plate. In fact, most trailers get a PTI plate and a permanent identification card. Rather than a regular trailer plate and trailer registration card. No DMV Lines can help you with this process. Here is how our DMV Registration Service can help you with your trailer registration:

In fact, the department will issue the permanent trailer identification card. Will also maintain an electronic record of ownership. Whether a certificate of title requested or not, there will be an electronic record.

Trailer Registration- PTI APPLICATION

  1. Certificate of Title
  2. Transfer without Certificate of the title
  3. Addition of legal owner

* Important to realize that a REG 4017 is a two-sided form that they use for trailers in the PTI Program

  • Side A: Completed and signed by sole owners requesting a paper certificate of title. Request a paper certificate of title.
  • Side B: Transfer of ownership for a PTI Trailer with an electronic title record. The transfer may be a registered owner transfer or a release of the security interest only.

Must be remembered, that the application for duplicate or paperless title (REG 227) cannot be used if a PTI paper title was not issued.