Title Bond

DMV Title Bond

When you get a bonded title, you are promising that you are the true owner the vehicle.

When do you need to purchase a bond?

  • After buying or getting a vehicle without a title
  • A vehicle you got with a bill of sale only
  • You bought/received a vehicle and received and improperly assigned the title
  • You bought/received a vehicle, received, and lost the title before transferring it to your name

The Motor Vehicle ownership surety bond (REG 5057) is a form used to support the issuance of a California title when regular evidence is not obtainable. Determination if a bond is required, is based on the value of the vehicle.

What is a bonded title?

  • A bonded title is a type of certificate issued in some jurisdiction that verifies a person’s ownership of a motor vehicle & they can still register, insure, and sell their vehicle just like a regular title.
  • The three and five-year period starts from the date the original bonded title was issued, & does not start over if the title is transferred into someone else’s name. Once the time period ends, the current owner must go to the DMV & apply for a clean title.

The Surety bond: Part of the process for a California Title Bond

  1. Check with the DMV to make sure you are eligible
  2. Complete application for title/ registration
    • DMV employee or law enforcement must fill out a verification vehicle form
  3. Complete a statement of facts form
    • The Form includes the following:
      • How, when and from where the vehicle was acquired
      • What efforts were made to obtain original title & why you could not obtain it
      • Current Value of the vehicle
  4. Weight Certificate
    • Only when the vehicle weighs less than 10,000 pounds when empty if 10,000 pounds or more or is a trailer in the PTI Program, fill out the declaration of Gross Vehicle Weight/ combined Gross Vehicle Weight form
  5. NON-OP or PNO if applicable
  6. Odometer if the vehicle is less than 10 years
  7. Buy a California Lost Title Bond

* What you pay for your bond is a one-time payment. Your bond must equal the appraised value of your vehicle.