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Junk Slip

A Junk slip is just a receipt from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) showing that you have junked your vehicle. No DMV Lines can get you this paper, and help you with various DMV procedures.

In order to junk your vehicle with a Junk Slip, you must turn in:

  • The pink slip (AKA: Title) and the license plates of the vehicle.

Any individual who junks their vehicle must do the following:

  • Pay back any fees/penalties if their registration is not current. If your registration is current, then it will not cost you anything to receive the document.

Typically, an individual junks their car and gets a junk slip when their vehicle is no longer in service and you will not be fixing it or operating it any longer.

Most people give their vehicles to junkyards/ Salvage Yards, but some individuals instead, dismantle them to be able to sell or reuse the parts of the vehicle.

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The team can:

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  • Basically, answer all your DMV and Insurance questions