DMV Title Transfer

DMV Title Transfer Processing for the Lucky New Vehicle Owner

You can get a transfer car title in California without having to wait, with our speedy service. We can also help you determine if you need to have a smog check or pay transfer taxes and fees.

Just get in contact with us. You could also visit us and our friendly staff members will be happy to help you.

You Will Need the Following Documents & Details:

  • Title Document (“Pink Slip”) signed by the Buyer(s) & Seller(s)
  • Smog Check (Depending on Vehicle Model)

What if I lost, damaged or someone stole the title?

We can provide these forms for you for free.

SO… What Exactly Is a Title Transfer About?

You finally found the perfect vehicle (or found someone to buy yours)…now what? 

Well, the first thing you need to do for a California title transfer is to document the change of ownership for the vehicle, This way, the DMV can update their records. This is a certificate of title transfer. 

If this is your first vehicle purchase, or the first time you’ve sold a car, we will be happy to assist you step-by-step. We want to make this process quick and painless for you.

When buying or selling a vehicle, someone will have to handle the title transfer paperwork. You need this to change the vehicle owner before the DMV.

A title transfer also applies when you finance a vehicle and you add the lienholder. On the other part, the same applies when you pay it off and want to remove it. Also when a family member inherits a vehicle, or a co-owner’s name needs to be added or removed for other reasons.

Don’t Forget to File Your Transfer

You will want to make sure all paperwork is processed when you make a name transfer of the car or vehicle. You definitely don’t want to put yourself at risk of being held liable for problems by not doing the right paperwork.

Failing to file the proper forms will leave the seller liable if the new owner crashes or runs into other trouble while their name is still on the title. It also puts the new owner at risk since the seller could later claim vehicle theft.

The price of our hassle-free, convenient transfer service is $55, and we will give you all the assistance you need to make sure the transfer goes through without any errors. If you need to request a duplicate title or out-of-state transfer, additional fees will apply.