sr-22 insurance to drive

Who Needs to File for an SR-22?

SR-22 Insurance is a certificate of insurance. In order to prove that one is claiming future financial responsibility. The DMV enforces it for “high-risk” drivers:

  • Convicted of a DUI/DWI (Driving under the influence) / (Driving while Intoxicated)
  • Failed to maintain auto insurance
  • Restricted or no license
  • Failed to have auto insurance when an accident occurred + deaths or injuries have occurred
  • Safety Responsibility suspensions, meaning serious driving violations, such as No insurance, Reckless driving

Before getting SR-22 insurance and driving privileges back, they need liability insurance. They will have to file with an insurance company. The insurance company will send it to DMV. It will state that the driver has liability insurance. The SR-22 document will ensure the DMV, they will be a responsible driver. The following steps are how to file for an SR-22:

  1. You can contact us, we have authorization to help you file an SR-22.
  2. Pay processing fee
  3. Get at least the minimum insurance.
  4. Obtain in within 30 days it is requested. The insurance company will notify the DMV immediately.
  5. Wait for the letter from the DMV authorizing you to drive again.
  6. Keep the SR-22 for at least 3 years, or until the DMV does not require you to have it.

The State of California offer different types of SR-22 Insurance Forms

The Operator Policy/ Nonowner SR22- for individuals that do not own a vehicle

The Owner Policy- for individuals that own the vehicle

The Broad Policy- for the individual that owns and/or doesn’t own multiple vehicles What does an SR-22 cover?

An SR-22 usually covers property damages. Also, bodily injury liability in an accident is the driver is responsible. It covers third parties damages if the driver is at fault.

This means that the SR-22 protects the ones of those other individuals that were involved in a collision with the motorist.