motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle accidents are not necessarily more common than other vehicle accidents. But they can get a lot 2worse and nobody would like to think of an accident at all. Although, it is important to protect yourself and your investment on the motorcycle. We get it, motorcycles are a great hobby and even when people think of it as a risk. Therefore, you should get motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

The state of California requires all riders to get an insurance policy for the motorcycle. We have great motorcycle insurance deals, we have the best prices and carriers. Motorcycle insurance protects owners from incurring major costs that could be financially devastating.

Motorcycle riders in California must have bodily injury coverage of at least $15,000 per person. $30,000 per accident. Additionally, property damage coverage of $5,000 (15/30/5). These limits apply to private passenger vehicles driven on public roadways. This does not include ATV s or dirt bikes. Some vehicles are excluded.

You should be aware that motorcycle insurance is usually pricier than auto insurance. Due to the fact that the risks covered by the insurer are higher. The cost of the policy depends on age, gender, zip code, make, and the type of motorcycle.

Having Coverage has Certain Benefits

There are a variety of coverages to choose from. In addition to the mandatory minimum, you should choose to purchase the insurance listed above. In addition, you could increase the limits (which is strongly suggested), as well as add the following:

  • Collision helps pay for repairs to your motorcycle if damage caused by an accident.
  • Comprehensive helps pay for repairs or to replace your bike if stolen, vandalized or damaged in some other way besides a collision. This could include fire damage, flood, falling objects, wind or collision with an animal.
  • Customized parts and equipment is an option with some motorcycle insurance policies.
  • Roadside assistance which can include towing and other basic emergency services.

Be Responsible by Getting Motorcycle Insurance

Most people who own motorcycles are passionate about their bikes. If you have made a significant investment in your bike, a customized motorcycle policy can help you restore it and keep you on the road. If you simply have a bike to tool around town on, motorcycle coverage is still a critical protection for your finances as you do not have to have a nice bike to cause injury or damage to another’s property.

The minimum legal coverage is rarely enough to offset real-world risks. The best motorcycle insurance can be tailored to fit both the bike itself and the risks that come with the way it’s used. Finally, you’re never too old or too experienced to learn how to become a better rider, and taking a safety course is one of the best ways to save money on your insurance premium.

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