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We feel safe when we have everything under control. There are still things that we cannot control, like spilling our coffee accidentally or a bad rainy day. These things can be annoying and even cause some troubles in our daily life but, what about car accidents? Would a low-cost car insurance policy be enough?

No one expects to crash our car when we leave home, but it happens more often than you may think. Just in the U.S. we register per day more than 16k car accidents, that’s a lot.  No wonder why having a car insurance is a legal requirement in almost all the states. It is a protection that can cover many types of injuries. 

If you are a driver you know you need a car insurance. The next step is to know which one is the best for you. There are many types of car insurance rates that can seem overwhelming. You may just want the cheaper car insurance and keep driving as safe as possible. 

There is a way to find cheap and functional car insurance. First, let us describe to you the types of car insurance. This way will be easier how to find an affordable auto insurance that fit your needs.

Liability insurance

The liability insurance, also known as basic coverage. This is a cheap car insurance that in case you get into an at fault accident. A liability insurance will cover the costs of the other drivers damage and injuries. This is the minimum insurance requirement in many states.  

There are pros and cons with just having this type of car insurance. 

Pros: the monthly rates are low. 

Cons: You have a limit to cover the property damage and bodily injuries per person. If the accident exceeds this limit, you as the fault driver have the responsibility to pay any expenses. Does not cover the damage if someone hits your car.

In other words, this insurance only protect third parties, which means you should take care of your damages. A liability insurance may sound cheap. But at the end you may actually be paying more when get involved in a car accident.  

Uninsured and under insured motorist Coverage

This type of car insurance (UMP) will cover your car damage. Additionally, medical bills if you get hit by a driver who has low coverage or no insurance at all. Many states in the U.S. will require you to have either uninsured coverage or under insured coverage, some even both. 

In California, the law will not require you to have these type of insurance. But not having it can give you a hard time. You can combine a liability insurance and UMP to get a medium protection. This can cover your needs and other people expenses in case of a car accident. 

Just like any other car insurance, this one also have limits. The amounts your car insurance need to cover will vary by states. 

In some states it is required to have an insurance that can cover: 

Bodily injuries for $25,000 — $50,000 per person and from $10,000 to $25,000 for property damage. If the damage is bigger than the insurance can cover you will be liable for the additional expenses. 

Full Coverage

A full coverage is one of the most comprehensive coverage when we talk about car insurance. However, this type of car insurance won’t cover every situation that you and your car may face. 

Even though there is nothing like a complete full coverage, you can build a policy that works for you.

When building your full coverage insurance, you will notice that is a combination of these three types of car insurance: 

Liability Insurance: will cover a certain amount in damages caused by a car accident you are found responsible. 

Collision Insurance: will cover your car damages in case you get compromise in a collision with a vehicle or object.

Comprehensive Insurance: Also known as other than collision coverage. It will protect your car from certain damages not caused by collision (like natural disasters, falling objects or vandalism)

Looking for car insurance quotes 

The average rates for a car insurance will not only depend on the type of insurance options you choose. There are many factors associated with your auto insurance quotes. A car insurance quote can vary by state also by: 

  • Your driving record
  • Your age
  • You live in a high-risk location 
  • The kind of car you’re driving. 

You can also decrease your car insurance rates by keeping a clean driving record. Avoid traffic violations like over speeding, never drive under influence of alcohol, pay your traffic fines on time and drive carefully. These are some factors you should have a care if you want to save money on your car insurance. 

How to get low-cost car insurance

Finding a balance between an affordable car insurance and a car insurance that will help you in a car accident. This is a hard task, but only if you are doing it alone. 

How to get low-cost car insurance is our job. We have not only the best costumer service but also the experience to get the best low-cost car insurance. We will be happy to guide in the process of choosing an auto insurance company and a car insurance package.  Contact us.