What Is Required To Renew License Plate Sticker

Did you already get your car registration renewal notice? It’s ok if you didn’t receive it, or you just lost it. You still can do your registration renewal. Then, what is required to renew license plate sticker?

Well, if you didn’t receive your renewal notice, just verify that the DMV has on the system your current address right.  If your notice just get lost in the mail, you still can renew your plates with your current registration certificate or your driver’s license.  

Where Can I Do My California License Plate Renewal?

License plate renewal with the DMV. Are you looking where to renew license plate in California? You can do it in the DMV office or a DMV Kiosk. 

You can also renew online or by mail
. Getting your registration renewal online with the DMV is easy, but it can take you up to 2 weeks to get your plate sticker. And up to 6 weeks if you do it by mail. 

License plate renewal with No DMV Lines. You can also do it online with the help of an DMV authorized service provider, like No DMV Lines. With No DMV Lines you can get your sticker plate shipped in less than 5 days, you can even get them in your mail the next day if needed. 

In No DMV Lines, you can get your sticker plates mailed even if you are out of California without changing your registered address. The DMV can also send them out of state, but you must change your mailing address. 

How To Renew License Plate Online

What is required to renew license plate sticker online? You just need:
1) License plate number.
2) The last 5 numbers of your VIN 

Also, you will require a credit or debit car if you want to pay your registration online.

What Is Required To Renew License Plate Sticker In A DMV Kiosk

Most DMV kiosk are available from 9 AM to 6 PM, but schedules can vary. You will need to bring your renewal notice or your registration card. You can pay with debit or credit card, but must pay for a 2.% service fee. 

Have in mind that a DMV Kiosk cannot receive a proof of insurance or process a change of address. If you need to do any of those things in order to get your license renewal, you may need to find another method like the DMV office or with No DMV Lines. 

What Do You Need To Renew Your License Plates

Auto insurance. You won’t be able to renew your plates if you don’t have a proof a valid auto insurance. 

Smog certificate. You may need a smog check certificate every other year if your car is older than a six model-year. In case your registration expired and need to do a smog check in No DMV Lines, we can help you to get a one-day permit for you to do it. In this way, you avoid any fine or get towed for driving with an expired registration.  

On the other hand, vehicles of 1975 and older models powered by gasoline are exempt of the smog check.  Also are exempt from smog check, electric vehicles and motorcycles. 

Pay all parking tickets. You cannot renew your plates if you have any due with traffic tickets. Check if you have any unpaid delinquency fee before submitting your renewal application. 

When Can I Pay My Renewal Fee?

In your car registration renewal notice, you will find the date your plates expires. Your registration expiration date is always the same. If you want to avoid paying late fees, you should do your renewal before your expiration date. 

The DMV won’t give you a grace period. Since the first day after your renewal date, you will pay a late fee that will increase each day. We recommend you to pay your registration fee before, you can do it even 60 before your expiration date.

What If I Just Need A Duplicate Vehicle Registration. 

Sometimes your tag registration can get lost or stolen. In those cases, you need to apply for a duplicate tag with the DMV. You will need to fill an application and pay a replacement tag fee of $21.

Get a free duplicate tag. When you get your registration renewal with No DMV Lines, you can get a replacement tag for that year in case you need it. This is one of plenty of benefits to renew your registration with us. 


As you see, renew license plate sticker is not a hard task, but we sometimes we don’t have time to do it or the DMV office process can slow things down. When you need to renew your license plate sticker faster and with a better customer service then, don’t doubt to contact us, we can assist you with your registration renewal and any vehicle registration service. 

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