how to clear a suspended registration

How to Clear a Suspended Registration

Here we will tell you how it happens and how to clear a suspended registration.

What is registration suspension?

When the DMV suspends your registration, basically, the state of California has taken away the privilege of driving your car on public roads. The registration is not valid until you get insurance and clear the suspension. In the first place, you will get a letter telling you it will be suspended. If you do not get insurance in time, it will be suspended. Therefore, at that point you should get insurance immediately.

What will happen is your registration will be on hold. It would be as if your registration had expired. You could get a citation before the law enforcement, they could tow your car and you will have to pay a $14 fee to reinstate your registration, you will also have to give proof of insurance. When your registration is suspended, no one can drive that car and you can’t sell it. Some offenses such as not having auto insurance will lead to getting your registration suspended.

How to clear a suspended registration?

We, No DMV Lines, can tell you how to clear a suspended registration. On the other hand, it is easier if you let us take care of it for you. Normally, you would have to call an 800 number and it takes up to two weeks. Or do it online. But we, No DMV Lines DMV Registration & Insurance Services will do it that same day. Just request it before 5:00 PM pacific time. All you are going to need is proof of insurance and if you still don’t have one, we can offer you many and very cheap options, we’ll get you the insurance that best fits your pockets and your needs.

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