What is the cheapest car insurance for seniors?

Getting an affordable car insurance should be easy for senior drivers, they are the safest drivers on the wheel. They respect the speed limits, use seatbelts universally and never drink and drive. However, it gets harder to find what is the cheapest car insurance for seniors. Factors like health conditions can, in truth, decrease our driving abilities.

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Drivers after 70 years old have higher crash rates and the fatalities rate increase with the years. That’s the main reason many car insurance companies can raise their prices while we aged. And at a certain age, some companies may deny their services.   


As you can see, driving can get risky with age. Of course, we should not stop driving just because we age. Are you healthy and do not have any medical problem? There should not be a reason to quit your driving independence. 


What is the best car insurance for seniors citizens

These are some of the most demanded car insurance companies by senior citizens. Do you want a free quote to find what is the cheapest car insurance for seniors? Get it with No DMV Lines. 



You can expect good insurance coverage. One of their best deals is special discounts for drivers over 55 that have a part-time work or are retired.  Do you want extra discounts? You can bundle your home insurance to protect your home and other assets to get a bigger auto insurance discount. 


Some extra benefits are their responsible payer discount and full pay discount. They also have a drivewise app which can help you get an additional discount by using it and by safe driving.


State Farm

They have cheap car insurance rates as well as a wide variety of discounts. Some of them are for safe vehicles, loyal costumers and safe driving. 

Most seniors get their insurance with state farm because of their insurers offer and their great service.

What is the cheapest car insurance for seniors

Generally, finding a good and affordable auto insurance is not easy. But for seniors, citizens can be even harder. You should try the No DMV Line service to find the best auto insurance rates for seniors.


Still, you may want to check some useful information to lower your car insurance premiums. 


Discounts for senior drivers

If you are 55 or older, you can get a discount just by taking a defensive driving course. The discount may vary by state. You may want to verify with your insurance company for senior courses that qualify you for driver discounts. 

You can get senior discounts in some car insurance companies. This will vary by state and even neighborhood. There are great discounts for our retired from armed forces and military members’ family.


Driving habits

Maybe you do not use your car that much. Then you can get car insurance discounts if you just need it for driving few miles. Furthermore, if you have a clean driving record will be easier to find bigger discounts.



In order to find a cheap auto insurance for seniors, you want to make sure you meet some essential requirements.  Car insurance rates will increase more than usual if you have a car accident. 

You want to reduce any possibility of getting in an at fault car accident. Not only to get a cheap auto insurance. But also check this requirement to keep you and your loved ones safe if you want to continue driving


Renew your driver license 

For drivers age 69 or younger can renew their licenses online with the DMV.


Vision tests

As we age, it can get harder to see thing from far. This can be dangerous, specially while driving. To avoid any auto accident, it is a good idea to visit frequently your eye doctor for a check-up.  Always wear glasses if needed and never drive with eye fatigue. 


Hearing loss

Even if it’s a slightly hearing loss, it is important to check it with your doctor. Hearing is essential while driving because some sounds can warn you to avoid an accident. 


Medical conditions 

Do research with your doctor about of which medicine you should avoid before driving. Some medication can cause drowsiness or a lightheaded that can be dangerous while driving. 

Do you have any medical condition like arthritis, Parkinson or body stiffness? Check with your doctor if you are in possibilities of driving. In general, you should never drive if you are not feeling well. 


How to find what is the cheapest car insurance for seniors


Prices and offers will vary by state and also by many factors. The best advice is to check different quotes and compare prices and coverage. In No DMV Line, we have years of experience to find the best auto insurance policies for our seniors costumers. Do not doubt on getting in contact with us, we will answer all your questions.